Automating Policy Creation Processes to Improve Customer Experience

In large insurance organisation, there are thousands of policies needs to be created on daily basis and correct documentation needs to be sent to customers. In so many cases documentation needs to go to brokers first.

Different teams are responsible to update different legacy systems manually. Between outdated legacy systems and largely manual process, it was taking quite a long time before customer was receiving all the relevant information regarding the policy. This process was ripe for Robotic Process Automation.

  • Using Pega’s RPA automated 80% of manual steps where information was needed to go in different legacy systems.
  • Significantly reduce transaction times and document generation from weeks to minutes.
  • Reduced Compliance efforts and eliminated manual errors.
Technology: Pega Robot Studio, Pega Robot Runtime, Pega Robot Manager, C#, Core Insurance Policy Admin Application, Connectors for Adobe Pdf, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook