Business eCollaboration Portal

The Business eCollaboration Portal is a social commerce platform for B2B companies to network, promote and collaborate globally. Portal provides a platform to promote your business, increase market reach, create new opportunities and make informed decisions. Influence others with your industry insights.

The primary application features are following:

    • Setup your profile and trademark catalog. Differentiate yourself and establish your domain expertise by providing insightful contributions.
    • Create your network of customers, suppliers etc. Invite your existing business partners and find new ones. Communicate and coordinate with target focused messaging within your network.
    • Be a part of your industry community. Drive engagement within and across industries, regionally or globally by latest industry news, articles and discussions.
    • Referral service to get you access to global service providers from logistics to IT to engineering services.
    • Get information from various sources at your fingertips. Get real time insights into critical industry trends. Learn how global changes might impact your business.
    • Industry experts can become a category owner and gain benefit from revenue sharing.

Technology: Microsoft .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET), SQL 2008