Computer Vision: Fueling Innovations

The Computer had “eyes” for a long time and it could see and capture images. However the images were a set of number and lifeless array of pixels until Computer Vision came into existence. Starting from traditional Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Computer Vision has evolved into a highly sophisticated and innovative area of its own. Computer Vision helps the machine to see the things and understand what they see just like how humans do.

The ability to recognize text from scanned documents and images has been available since long and so has been the ability to recognize license plate numbers of vehicle for some time now. These are classic examples of Computer Vision. However the application of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to Computer Vision has unfolded plenty of new innovations and opportunities across the industries. From driverless cars, robot guidance for manufacturing industries, medical image analysis to intelligent resume screening, Computer Vision has found its application.

Some applications of Computer Vision have become so common that it hardly gets noticed. Searching for your favorite dress by simply clicking or uploading a photo is a default feature in any good shopping app. Selecting the sunglasses that would look best on you by virtually checking out different options on your selfie is also a result of Computer Vision.

The application and innovation of Computer Vision is growing much more sophisticated than the above common examples. It is being used to understand intention and emotions of humans and draw efficient theories from difficult circumstances. Such processing and application of data is invaluable. Don’t we all love it when our camera clicks the pictures when it recognizes the smiles on our face? In addition to simple face identification and biometric authentication, such specialized Computer Vision techniques are being applied in defense and combat situations like automatic target recognition, identifying enemy’s soldiers, missile guidance, and much more.

Real time identification and analysis of human expressions can be valuable for security, for example at airports. It can have various commercial applications to assist consumers buy certain things, analyze shopping trends etc.

Computer Vision has influenced every industry, from agriculture to eCommerce, entertainment to defence and healthcare to manufacturing. It has brought about several opportunities promising efficient utilization of resources, automated real-time decision making and deep insights using images and videos that is practically not possible to gain through manual intervention.

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