Smartphone Application for Real Time Traffic and Road Event Monitoring

The Smartphone application will enable travelers to monitor real-time traffic conditions and road events and help them select fastest routes.

The primary application features are following:

    • It provides real time traffic information for detecting heavy traffic and important situations.
    • The Smartphone application renders traffic indications and events on Google map based on the data received from the main web server.
    • It will identify the user location using the iPhone / iPad GPS (Global Positioning System) and display the user current location on map.
    • Traffic is displayed in different colors based on the traffic information so that user can easily identify the traffic situation.
    • It provides information of various situations/incidents on roads – Traffic Jam, Road Works, Skidding, General, Accidents, and Fog.
    • It displays the events with different icons on Google map. It provides information of the Road, Area and description of the incident with the distance of the area affected.

Technology: Microsoft .NET, SQL Server 2008, Apple iOS4 platform, Objective C, CoCoA, CoCoA touch, JSON Objective C, Core Data, Core Animation, Core Image, Xcodes, Interface builder