Programmable Logic Controller and Embedded Device Solution

The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) & Embedded Device Solution efficiently manages the automation of Dairy Management Plant.  The Dairy Plant equipments are being controlled by PLC & Embedded programming. The inputs to Dairy Plant equipments are keyed in by devices such as Smart Controls.

The primary features of PLC & Embedded Device Solution as follows:

    • Receive the output from the equipments and display it back to Smart Devices.
    • Provide required settings and inputs to dairy hardware equipments.
    • Converts high level languages as C++, Java code to machine language and vice-versa.
    • Converts the input received through Dairy Management Plant Automation Solution for the Dairy plant equipments and vice-versa.

Technology: Embedded C, C++, Assembly Language, PLC (B&R Automation and Prism),  PostGreSQL