Business Intelligence

The growing requirement of data analytics by organizations worldwide is a key driver for the growth business intelligence. BI tools are valuable in the retrieval and analysis of the vast and growing volume of discrete data in the organizations. In present times, they are the major optimizer for business decisions, determine flaws in the system, and identify opportunities and threats for businesses.

NetWeb provided a business intelligence & information portal solution for distributors and channel management which allows sharing critical information such as orders and returns status, pricing, product availability, leads & opportunities, special promotions and discounts and much more. Also developed Business Intelligence & alerting system using the concept of “Neugents” that provided self-learning, artificial intelligent techniques for intelligent reporting and alerting.

As a part of eIntelligence Business Suite NetWeb also developed a Key Performance Indicator solution using Cognos. It provides a common business objects platform to integrate different legacy enterprise applications and provide a universal view of the enterprise.