Party2Profit is a cloud-based, contemporary product for the ever growing Direct Selling and Party Plan businesses.

Direct selling is a way to market products directly to the customer, outside the traditional retail environment. Products are often offered at in-home demonstrations, parties, in the workplace or simply shared amongst friends and family. By choosing direct selling as distribution channel you cut out all middlemen such as wholesalers, advertisers and retailers, replacing them with independent Consultants. This way you save money by shortening your distribution chain, money that can be then invested into the compensation scheme for Consultants. It also brings you closer to your customers, which in turn gives a better understanding of their needs.

Why Party2Profit

Direct selling business model is very attractive for additional income to families across the world. Party2Profit offers all direct selling companies a contemporary, robust and a feature-rich solution for their business.

The product has been designed around party consultants to easily organize parties and feed the resulting orders back to the company. At the same time, it provides the company a very strong administrative feature-set to define consultants, compensation plans and order processing.

Party2Profit understands and incorporates the unique requirements of Party Plan companies for operations management and consultant sales tools. It is imperative for your company to have modern system that provides advanced party plan functionality, and a partner with the party plan experience to support your business. Party2Profit provides both.