AVATAR – Financial Security Application

The application provides an early warning mechanism to consumers in order to reduce the harm associated with undetected Identity Theft.  The application monitors the consumer’s credit file to alert the consumer to unauthorized activity that may reflect the beginnings of an Identity Theft.  The application does not offer prevention of Identity Theft, but provides an early warning “alarm” to the consumer that fraudulent activity may be occurring.

The features of Identity Theft Monitoring are:

    • Optional credit report and score provided upon subscription and desired recurring frequency.
    • Daily monitoring of non-credit information on cyber space to alert consumers about possible fraudulent use of their sensitive personnel information.
    • Service oriented architecture – hosts services that can be licensed to other organizations for providing data.
    • Billing available through credit card.
    • The text for the alerts and reassurance messages may be customized.
    • Ability to define the consumer fees for credit reports and scores.
    • Promotion Code support for special pricing.
    • Daily monitoring of the credit bureau file for material changes that might indicate a potential Identity Theft.
    • Integration with partner portals for delivering credit and non-credit alert information.
    • If there are no changes in the credit file during a 30 day period, a reassurance message is sent to the consumer that advises that there have been no changes.
    • Alert delivery available through email or text message.
    • The consumer subscription price may be defined based upon an amount, frequency and a number of introductory free months at the beginning of their subscription.
    • Ability to offer discount subscription prices for additional household members.

Technology: Java J2EE, Framework – Struts 2.0, Database – MySQL