The Covid19 pandemic has presented an unprecedented challenge to ensure adequately spaced desks for employee safety. Whether its fixed seating or hot desking, the need to have a quick, easy and efficient solution for safe desk allocation has become imperative.

Qbicle, our workspace management solution allows easy, hassle-free allocation of social distancing compliant desks for employees.

This new feature has been added to Qbicle to address challenges faced by organizations as the world gears up working towards the new normal.

Work desk allocation and management has conventionally been a challenge that organizations, especially those having large number of employees and offices at various locations.  Business growth and continual changes to accommodate employees, especially across multiple physical locations, creates a fragmented workspace. In addition to administrative overheads, inefficient or unutilized workspaces are costs that go unnoticed or unmeasured.

Qbicle addresses both the challenges that organizations face – challenges during these Covid19 pandemic as well as conventional challenges of managing large workspaces.

Workspace management challenges during Covid19:

  • Seat allocation to employees by ensuring social distancing between desks.
  • Tracking and tracing of employees seating for sanitization and reporting purpose.
  • Traditional hot-desking will not work since employees cannot come in and seat anywhere

Challenges faced in managing large workspaces normally are:

  • Inefficient, under-utilized or unutilized workspaces are direct recurring costs. As an enterprise span multiple locations and offices, this becomes an increasing challenge
  • Significant indirect costs are incurred due to overheads and time expended by personnel in managing workspace process due to:
    • Time expended for continual physical verification of available spaces.
    • Time expended to identify the right workspace based on location, departments, projects or work shifts.
    • Time expended in maintaining manual, ad-hoc methods, many times using spreadsheets.
    • Delays caused in approvals and decisions. Mostly this involves collective discussions and approvals amongst Facility Administrators, Department Heads, Project Managers. Unavailability of anyone aggravates the delay process.
    • Delays and loss of productivity due to unreliable data of available spaces.
    • Delays due to unavailability of the basic infrastructure required with a specific workspace. For e.g. telephone extensions, desktops etc.

Qbicle is a simple solution to address these concerns and help enterprises to efficiently manage workspace utilization processes by helping to:

  • Allocate workspace with distancing rules.
  • Track & Trace employee seating for pandemic compliance.
  • Manage workspace using simple graphical ways.

Qbicle uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enable very easy, hassle-free, automated way for employees to reserve their social-distance compliant seat via email. The seating bot allocates the seating automatically, without any manual intervention.  This process can be implemented on a day-to-day basis for employees to request coming in to office and getting their seats allocated.

The benefits are proven and evident:

  1. Peace of mind & safety to employees.
  2. Cost efficient, easy and automated way to implement social distancing.
  3. Reports to help trace employee proximity for any Covid19 positive case within organization.
  4. Reducing costs of unutilized workspaces.
  5. Reducing time & manual overhead spent by facility
  6. Significant improvement and elimination of errors in the approval process.