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  • Over 120 man years of leadership experience in technology sector.

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  • We place the highest value on our most important asset, our employees. Our unique corporate culture and values, believes in committing to our employees and putting them first.

    NetWeb believes in employee involvement at all levels through various programs and activities. This reinforces employees’ engagement in our company. In addition to employee involvement in process definition, goal and objective setting and suggestions for improvement, there are several other activities like training, cultural, sports, academia association and community services which brings people together, creates team work orientation and leadership. We also believe that our people can develop useful capabilities outside the workplace which can benefit the work place too.

    NetWeb is an equal opportunity employer and strongly believes in workplace diversity. Employee involvement with various activities and at all levels creates common platform for open discussions, expression of ideas, issue resolution and with no barriers between senior and operational staff. This gives us people who are highly motivated, engaged and excited about what they are doing.

    NetWeb has a strong, capable and highly professional leadership team. The leadership team comprises of more than 120 man years of varied experience in the technology sector. The Executive Leadership Team focuses on customer management, company strategy, company policies, business development and general management.

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The Operation Leadership Team focuses on managing all ongoing activities. They prepare project plans, resource allocations, monitoring and measuring progress. They are responsible for communicating assignment status to clients and communicate directly with customers for all assignment related aspects.

Both the leadership teams work in tandem towards the goal of the organization. All leaders are given independent decision making powers to enable efficient execution of work.