• artificial_intelligence
  • AI Driven Business Solutions

    NetWeb’s AI Driven Business Solutions assists organizations to determine the right opportunity, solve complex business problems and drive innovation. It will make your business and processes more engaging, interactive generating efficiency, revenue and growth. Service Offerings:
    1. Computer Vision for Traffic Management
    2. Sentiment Analysis & Prediction Tool
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  • Product Development

    We deliver enterprise class solutions & new-generation products for the Web, Mobile & Cloud. We provide complete life-cycle management services to take care of your specialized, bespoke requirements of software solutions or a need to build a market-ready product from a concept Service Offerings:
    1. Software Product & Solutions Development
    2. Multi-Domain, Multi-Technology Expertise
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  • it_enable
  • robotic_process_automation
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    NetWeb’s expertise in Robotic Process Automation will help you successfully implement the journey of Robotic Process Automation at your organization. We can assist at any stage of your RPA journey, from assessing the need, identifying the right RPA strategy to building your first digital bot and subsequent scaling and maintenance for future initiatives. Service Offerings:
    1. Automating Policy Creation Processes to Improve Customer Experience
    2. RPA in insurance Claims Processing
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  • Mobile Development

    We deliver multiplatform mobility solutions to businesses across a wide spectrum of applications. We combine the best of processes, methodologies and technology for your mobile initiatives to succeed. Service Offerings:
    1. Mobile Strategy & Initiatives
    2. Mobile Application Development
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  • mobile-devlnt
  • product-sustenance-support
  • Product Sustenance & Support

    We provide end-to-end product sustenance & support services. We recognize that maintenance of existing products has its own challenges and demands. Our deep expertise and robust processes allow you to achieve the scale and flexibility of effectively managing your product. Service Offerings:
    1. Total ownership and complete coverage product sustenance services
    2. Enhanced, sustainable knowledge base of your products
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  • IT Enabled Services

    We provide specialized, value-added IT Enabled Services to our clients to augment and enhance their back-office, services, automation or engineering design initiatives. From specialized eContent creation to financial back office processing, we create capabilities that our clients leverage for efficiency and cost-effectivity. Service Offerings:
    1. Administrative, Operations & Customer Service
    2. Automation & Engineering Design
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  • it_enabled-services
  • Managing-Remote-Teams
  • IT Infrastructure Management

    We provide reliable Infrastructure Management Services to ensure you get the best efficiency and returns from your investments in IT Infrastructure. We help in optimizing critical IT investments, reduce downtime and improve productivity. Service Offerings:
    1. Enterprise IT Infrastructure Management Services
    2. Cloud IT Infrastructure Management Services
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