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  • Application Modernization Capabilities

    NetWeb recognizes the value of modernizing applications in its ability to ensure continuous delivery of user experiences, regardless of how technology changes over time. Application modernization also helps mitigate the risk of loss of support from legacy environments; change can be rapidly deployed, and systems can be evolved over time. Service Offerings:
    1. Legacy Solution Modernization – Application
    2. Legacy Solution Recoding
    3. Legacy Solution Refactoring & Recoding
    4. Application Reengineering
    5. Migrating to Cloud
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  • Software Engineering Services & Solutions

    NetWeb’s help to build innovative software products, migrate conventional web applications to cloud, build user-friendly mobile applications, and customize them for specific markets. Service Offerings:
    1. Software Product Development
    2. Software Maintenance and Support
    3. Software Customization
    4. Software Integration and Testing
    5. Mobile App Development
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  • artificial_intelligence
  • Gen AI & AI Driven Business Solutions

    NetWeb’s AI Driven Business Solutions assists organizations to determine the right opportunity, solve complex business problems and drive innovation. It will make your business and processes more engaging, interactive generating efficiency, revenue and growth. Service Offerings:
    1. SenzIt (Sentiment Analysis)
    2. Conversational AI (Chatbot
    3. Voice Bot – Conversational AI (Speech to Text)
    4. Video Analysis for Sports Game
    5. Insurance Risk Predictor with Dynamic Form Creation
    6. Object detection: Broken/ Intact Mobile Screen Detection
    7. Object recognition using face detection: Face Mask Detection
    8. Emotion Detection on Human’s face expressions
    9. Computer Vision for Traffic Management
    10. Sentiment Analysis & Prediction Tool
    11. Automated Predictive Tool For Policy Intelligence
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  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    NetWeb’s expertise in Robotic Process Automation will help you successfully implement the journey of Robotic Process Automation at your organization. We can assist at any stage of your RPA journey, from assessing the need, identifying the right RPA strategy to building your first digital bot and subsequent scaling and maintenance for future initiatives. Service Offerings:
    1. Automating Policy Creation Processes to Improve Customer Experience
    2. RPA in insurance Claims Processing
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