Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Robotic Process Automation has swiftly become a valuable tool for organizations to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and alleviate burden on human resources. The technology has rapidly evolved from simple, conventional software automation to using Artificial Intelligence for maximizing the benefits and ROI of the digital transformation endeavors of any organization.

Digital workforce or employee bots integrate seamlessly with human employees to produce most efficient results by taking away the repetitive, error-prone tasks from the human employees and allowing human capital assets to focus on more customer-centric, strategic and innovative tasks for the enterprise.

Robotic Process Automation can be used across different industry verticals and across different departments, locations or functions within any organization. RPA can be applied pretty much anyplace – from customer service, data management, specific functions like automating forms, claims processing, accounting etc.

NetWeb’s expertise in Robotic Process Automation will help you successfully implement the journey of Robotic Process Automation at your organization. We can assist at any stage of your RPA journey, from assessing the need, identifying the right RPA strategy to building your first digital bot and subsequent scaling and maintenance for future initiatives.

Our RPA services are based on a simple paradigm – IDEA

  • Identify the right RPA strategy for your organization
  • Develop the robot to get your started on the immediate pain points
  • Evolve your digital bot to enhance & maximize the benefits
  • Accelerate your RPA initiative across different functions, departments or other processes

No matter where you are currently at in your RPA initiatives, we can help take it forward to success and also can be an augmented arm of any existing RPA team, if necessary.

We have proven experience, especially within the Financial and Insurance domain to implement large scale RPA initiatives. Our team comprises of highly experienced RPA professionals who provide the right directions, guidance and suggestions for your RPA journey and provide unbiased and best-fit recommendations for the right platform and tools to be used. We utilize proven methodologies, tools, templates and best practices to ensure complete success of your RPA initiative.

We provide measurable and tangible metrices to help you measure and monitor the effectivity of your digital workforce. This helps you be in complete control over the ROI on your RPA investments. Please feel free to browse our RPA case studies and contact us for any information or questions you may have.

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