Leadership Insights

  • Office Workspace Management Challenges

    The Human Resource & Administrative staff is constantly struggling to manage and coordinate the allocation and management of office workspaces. Managing the workspace utilization for new recruits and internal employee movements and transfers can be time consuming and error-prone. This challenge manifolds when the organization spans multiple offices across different geographical locations. Maintaining information of […]
  • Computer Vision: Fueling Innovations

    The Computer had “eyes” for a long time and it could see and capture images. However the images were a set of number and lifeless array of pixels until Computer Vision came into existence. Starting from traditional Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Computer Vision has evolved into a highly sophisticated and innovative area of its own. […]
  • Boosting Future of Marketing & Advertising with Innovation

    A combination of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Internet of Things will change the native advertising landscape. Native advertisements, banners, and posters are not going to be influential anymore. Soon, advertisements are to be viewed as a digital companion that reminds us things to buy, teach us a history lesson and help us […]
  • Healthcare – The Data Challenge

    Over the past decade, technology and digital Innovation has enabled several different solutions to cater to the wide spectrum of healthcare, covering not only patient information, but across all functions in the industry. While the solutions are extremely beneficial, the biggest challenge the industry faces is integrating the data and allowing a seamless exchange of […]
  • Creating Winning Mobile Apps

    According to reports and surveys, there will be approximately 6.1 billion mobile users by 2020. It is estimated that currently, 80% of internet users own a smartphone. Surveys and trends are consistently proving that user engagement on smartphones is exceeding all other conventional mediums. Over 50% of smartphone users grab their phones immediately after waking […]
  • IoT – How It Creates Value &Transforms Business Models

    The evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) has created an era of digitalization which has unlocked the doors of communication, conversion, and collaboration by connecting devices, places and people. Internet of Things (IoT) has gained immense popularity for its application in consumer applications and smart products. The growth of Industrial IoT is creating new avenues […]
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics Trends

    Business Intelligence and Analytics technologies have continuously evolved because undoubtedly, a business of any size understands the importance of not only availability of data, but how to use the data intelligently for gaining a competitive edge. The ability to efficiently and effectively use enterprise data is often what differentiates an enterprise from its competitors. It […]
  • How SAP Hybris Boosts Customer Engagement On A Digital Platform?

    With the proliferation of the digital platform, businesses all over the world now have countless ways to ensure customer engagement. They can make use of emails, call centers, mobile apps, social media, and much more apart from the traditional indoor and outdoor advertisement. Believe or not, but customer engagement has a huge potential to grow […]
  • Xamarin is shaping the future of Enterprise Mobility

    In the last one decade, there has been a tremendous change in the way enterprise run their business. The phenomenal reach of mobile devices has encouraged enterprise to make use of mobile apps to increase their business productivity. Amidst all the tools that these developers use to ensure a rapid development of engaging apps, Xamarin […]