About Us

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  • Who we are

    Global leader in business and technology services

    NetWeb provides high end business software solutions, professional services and innovative products to customers, including fortune 500 enterprises and large technology giants across the globe. Our forte is a unique blend of strong product development and IT service capabilities that enables us to provide highest levels of reliability, quality and innovation.

Our Core Values

    • Reliability

      Reliability and dependability are over-arching value propositions for any lasting business relationships. We mean exactly what we say and do exactly what we say are going to do.
    • Strive For Excellence

      We challenge status quo and continually keep raising the bar. The passion to excel is embedded in our core values and embraced by all in the organization.
    • Innovation

      We have an ever-evolving, forward-looking mindset that fosters innovation across people, technology, methodology and paradigms. individual creativity is appreciated and encouraged.
    • Integrity

      Scrupulous honesty is appreciated and impeccable integrity is respected. We are deeply committed in securing our client’s intellectual property and their competitive advantage.
    • People First, Customer Forever

      We take care of people who take care of customers. We ensure people-centric workplace and go beyond the call of duty & contract to ensure our customers meet their business objectives resulting into customer forever.
    • Agility

      Flexibility, adaptability and agility is key to our success. It helps us to be nimble in responding to the ever-changing landscape of customer needs or technology or business dynamics.

What we do

NetWeb specializes in building solutions and products that businesses need.

  • We build products; for our clients and for ourselves. Supply chain, Enterprise Mobility, Finance, eProcurement, Healthcare, Content Management, eCommerce and Web Portals are amongst the few areas where we have delivered quality solutions for enterprises.

    We also offer specialized services including IT Infrastructure Management, IT Enabled Services and Quality Assurance Services to our clients.

    Our competitive advantages include a pool of highly competent professionals, a strong management team, strategic offshore location, extreme cost-effectiveness, an ISO-9001:2015 certified quality management system and over eighteen years of successful performance.

    Our quality management system is certified by ISO-9000 to cover the entire spectrum of our services i.e. “Design and development of software & related support services”. The quality management system has been built upon well defined, proven standard operating procedures that ensure consistent and escalating quality standards.

    We say what we do and we do what we say.

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Our Mission & Vision

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  • Deliver Innovative & Profitable business Solutions using an agile environment and productive processes.

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  • You know your business and NetWeb, as your IT partner, knows technology. We bring these together, to escalate your growth and help you achieve your milestones.
    We understand your challenges to keep up with ever-changing technologies, while your primary focus is on your core business. On the other hand, rapid advancement in technology has created an acute need for innovative solutions for maximizing business profits. With proven competence in adapting to ever-evolving technologies, NetWeb enables you to deal with these challenges seamlessly and adapt.
    We contribute to your strategic value by ensuring that:
    • Our relationship, solutions and services are driven by your corporate objectives.
    • We are flexible and free flowing to deliver an agile business partnership.
    • We are creative and entrepreneurial to maximize your profits.

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