Software Development

  • NetWeb CREDO™ is a well-developed and highly structured methodology to execute assignments quickly and effectively. It has evolved over our 18-year experience of executing multiple assignments for a diverse set of customers.

    CREDO™ is an implementation of NetWeb’s quality policy and ISO certified processes.

In practice, CREDO™ is a set of standardized and validated project management systems, operating procedures and activity checklists to establish predictability, repeatability and reproducibility at every stage of the design-to-delivery process. Each stage in CREDO™ is iterative and evolving to ensure that the output of one stage becomes a quality input for the subsequent stage. Our collaborative and iterative approach means we work alongside clients as one integrated team.
  • 01. Review

    CREDO™ begins by your need assessment. We understand and evaluate Business Objectives, Functional Objectives, Technology Objectives and Maintenance Objectives of your requirements to completely understand and conceptualize the requirements. Results of the analysis and findings are documented and shared with you, and your feedback and comments incorporated. We then provide a detailed proposal that describes the extent of scope, any pre-requisites, cost estimate, time estimate and the delivery time frame.
    • 02. Redefine

      CREDO™ moves to the next step by converting the requirements into a formal, organized specification. This is done by using text documents, Business Process diagrams, Visio diagrams etc. based on what suits best. Resources (people, infrastructure, software) required for the specific project and are best suited for the requirement are identified and made available.
  • 03. Revise

    Once the requirements are finalized, the enabling environment and process are identified and defined. Based on the requirements, processes are adapted and fine-tuned to best match the requirements. All processes have their respective standardized operating procedures and are backed up with relevant checklists.
    • 04. Rework

      The assignment is then executed by carrying following the planned arrangements. A detailed design including User Interface templates, database design, business process diagrams, technical design, test plans etc. are prepared based on requirements. The entire development life cycle is well managed using project management tools, source code management and version control tools. All deliverables have comprehensive installation, user and other guides as required.
    • 05. Refine

      Our commitment does not stop on delivery or completion of the warranty. CREDO™ ensures ongoing service delivery and relationship management. we ensure complete success by offering full availability for support during critical events like go-live events, production roll-outs or customer installation events. Our lifecycle management tools allow us to monitor and control multiple assignments and project not only during their inception and execution phase but also beyond that.
CREDO™ delivers our quality objective of “Zero-Defect, On-Time, Every-Time” for achieving total customer satisfaction.