Done and Delivered

NetWeb has delivered high value solutions and services across a range of Industry Verticals & Business Functions. The solutions delivered include mission-critical Enterprise Business Applications, eCommerce & eBusiness solutions, Mobile Applications, Business Intelligence, Healthcare solutions to name a few. Please get in touch to know more about our experience and how we can assist you.

  • Manufacturing, Maintenance & Automation

    Manufacturing, Maintenance & Automation Solutions are extremely crucial for any small, medium or large manufacturing enterprise. NetWeb has delivered several solutions within these business functions including Enterprise Resource Planning, Maintenance Management, Production Process, Automation for varied industry verticals.
  • Financial & Banking

    NetWeb has created a strong capability in Financials & Banking solutions, especially Financial Security Solutions covering Identity Theft Monitoring and Credit Card Registration systems. Some of the largest financial institutions are using our solutions to serve their multi-million customer base.
  • Healthcare

    Healthcare is one of the largest industry globally, having direct and immediate impact on quality of life. NetWeb has developed and maintained several patient engagement solutions implementing the required compliance standards and best practices.
  • eCommerce

    The e-commerce industry has changed the way business operates in today’s time, whether it is retail, business to business, locally or globally. This has created a huge potential for use of technology for doing business the eCommerce way. eCommerce is a significant contributor to the business economy creating umpteen opportunities for the entire range of industry covering home-based to small, medium and large enterprises.
  • Web Portals

    The Web & Mobile provides a huge platform and opportunities to offer innovative products, services or simply information to their customers. In addition to Online enterprise applications and eCommerce applications, there are several portal based applications covering online social, community and business engagements.
  • Enterprise Collaboration & Integration

    It is important for enterprises to ensure efficient collaboration and effective integration. Businesses increasingly use a variety of solutions for business needs and the need to implement collaborative practices not only for employees but any other entity within the business ecosystem is imperative. The use of technology solutions and the rapidly changing technology landscape mandates the need for a very strong integration and collaboration strategy amongst the solutions used by any enterprise. NetWeb has delivered very robust solutions that involve enterprise application integration using conventional programming and specialized middleware tools.

  • Enterprise & Consumer Mobility

    The power of mobility creates limitless opportunities to reach vendors and customers, and also builds platform to better understand them, like never before.
  • Engineering Drawing Services

    Engineering design and development industry is growing rapidly as the world makes deeper inroads into the global engineering space. The advancement of technology changed the task of engineering into modules that can be outsourced by an enterprise while it concentrates on its core activities and competencies.
  • Business Intelligence

    The growing requirement of data analytics by organizations worldwide is a key driver for the growth business intelligence. BI tools are valuable in the retrieval and analysis of the vast and growing volume of discrete data in the organizations. In present times, they are the major optimizer for business decisions, determine flaws in the system, and identify opportunities and threats for businesses.
  • eBusiness

    eBusiness serves as a critical competitive strategy that revolutionize the way business operates globally. eBusiness supports organization to operate businesses virtually by serving customers or vendors need from around the world. It holds the biggest feature that of personalizing and customizing products or services to be introduced in different parts of the world.
  • Human Resource Management

    Technology in Human Resource Management now a days plays a very vital role in the whole process of hiring, retaining and maintain the resources in alignment with Administration.
  • Content Management

    Enterprise content management technology supports the enterprise organize, manage and distribute unstructured & structured content.
  • Gaming

    Despite the ups and downs in global economy, need for gaming software have grown over and over the years. The market is also exponentially large with growth in gamers generation across the globe.