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    NetWeb recognizes the value of modernizing applications in its ability to ensure continuous delivery of user experiences, regardless of how technology changes over time. Application modernization also helps mitigate the risk of loss of support from legacy environments; change can be rapidly deployed, and systems can be evolved over time. NetWeb focuses on the three core aspects to facilitate modernization:

    • Modernize to be resilient:We provide future-proof to a cloud-enabled architecture for evolving business needs. We transform legacy systems to modern digital technology stack for system resilience.
    • Modernize to be responsive: We guide our customers to adopt agile methodology and DevOps for responsive and secure IT systems. Our experienced engineering team will innovate faster with platform-centric modernization approach.
    • Modernize to be relevant: NetWeb leverages both open-source and commercial platforms, cloud, smart automation, software asset optimization to reduce modernization cost & improve stakeholder experience.

    Our modernization capabilities comprise of

    1. Application Re-hosting
      • We move applications from on-premise or old cloud infrastructure to a new cloud infrastructure. This is typically a fast and simple migration option to enable DevOps and ubiquitous access and optimize the usage of hardware resources that also streamlines more advanced modernization in the future.
      • We have done Lift & Shift strategy for one of our US customer. The real benefit is automated backups, replications, deployments with AWS pipelines, cloud scalability features have helped customer tremendously.
      • As the name suggests, lift and shift strategy (rehost strategy) involves lifting a part of the application or a complete application from on-premises or existing cloud environment to a new cloud environment
    2. Application Re-platforming
      • We complement moving the application to the cloud with the introduction of small modifications and upgrades in code that will bring more advanced cloud capabilities (improved performance, scaling, fault-tolerance, etc.) to the application
      • Unlike the application rehosting approach, in application re-platforming, NetWeb will suggest the approach of Lift, Tinker and Shift approach, a portion of the application or the entire application is optimized or a little before moving to the cloud. Experts suggest that a small cloud optimization can bring significant benefits without changing the core application architecture.
    3. Application Refactor / Rearchitect
      • We transform the architecture of the application (e.g., split it into web services/microsevices) to make it leverage cloud possibilities to the fullest.
      • Refactor entails making major changes in the application configuration as well as application code for migration. It must be ensured that the changes do not impact the external behavior of the application.
        • Complete Refactoring: 50 – 60% of the code is changed and the database is updated to utilize as many cloud-native features as required by the application
        • Minimum Viable Refactoring: This requires only slight changes in the application. Users who take this approach often incorporate cloud-native security, management.
        • Serverless Application Refactoring: Some modifications are required to make the application work effectively and take advantage of serverless systems on the public cloud.
    4. Application Reengineering
      • With a wide pool of legacy skills, we can help you restore and slightly modify code and design of your long-running enterprise applications. In this approach reengineering will include
        • Web and mobile enablement.
        • Improved look & feel.
        • Simplified and less costly maintenance and updates.
        • DevOps, CI/CD enablement.
        • Increased performance and response time
    5. Application Recoding (Automated / Manual)
      • With a wide pool of legacy skills, we can help you restore and slightly modify code and design of your long-running enterprise applications. In this approach reengineering will include
    6. Application Containerization
      • Across all modernization options, we can pack your apps or their parts into packages isolated from each other at the OS level.
      • Our expertise in Docker / Keburnetes can help you with the same.
      • Containerization means
        • Fewer resources required to run.
        • Easier scalability.
        • Simplified movement across different environments.
        • CI/CD practices enablement

    Please feel free to browse our case studies and contact us for any information or questions you may have.

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