News & Events

  • Team NetWeb Celebrated Navratri 2017

    Team NetWeb along with employees and their families celebrated the most vibrant and musical festival of the year; Navratri. An exclusive Garba Night was organized for the employees and their families. It was a great evening with delightful celebrations, melodious music and dancing with special ones!
  • NetWeb Organized Blood Donation Drive

    NetWeb organized Blood Donation Drive with Indu Blood Bank on 21st September 2017. The initiative had many members participating including employees & their friends and family with an intention of contributing for the social benefit of those in need of blood. This initiative was organized as a tribute to NetWeb’s founder, Late Mr. Nitinkumar Shukla […]
  • Team NetWeb participated in “Smart Investing & Womentra”

    NASSCOM along with Fintelligence organized Smart Investing & Womentra, a money management session aimed at enhancing financial awareness and empowering women in financial matters, on 7th September, at Ahmedabad. NetWeb passionately believes in a diverse and all-inclusive work and social ecosystem. We promote and encourage our women employees to participate and benefit from such informational […]
  • NetWeb associates with ‘Netradan’

    Anand Ashram & Young Indians (Yi) have initiated a program to eliminate Corneal Blindness from India under its mission named, ‘Netradan’. Mr. Sachin Kaluskar (Famous Art Curator) interacted with our team and shared very useful information to create awareness about this noble cause. NetWeb is delighted to associate with this revolutionary program and several of […]
  • NetWeb at Global Expansion Summit 2017- London

    GXPSUMMIT 2017 was a great platform to meet and interact with leaders, entrepreneurs and leading trade organizations. NetWeb explored this opportunity and shared and discussed the governing challenges faced by enterprises and how Indian IT industry practices and approached can define global expansion strategies.
  • 19th NetWeb Foundation Day Celebration

    The 19th NetWeb Foundation day was celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and fervor at NetWeb. The celebration started with the introductory talk with Mr. Maulik Bhansali (CEO, NetWeb), followed by introductions of the new members joining the NetWeb family. Awards to various employees for specific contributions were given, followed by updates on the different initiatives […]
  • Mr. Jigar Thakkar (Project Manager, NetWeb) Conducted an Orientation Session on Java at Navrachana University

    Navrachana University, Vadodara invited Mr. Jigar P.Thakkar (Project Manager, NetWeb) Java expert, to conduct an Orientation Session on Java for Navrachana University BCA-M.Sc.IT students. Jigar gave a practical approach to a session by covering subjects’ likes OOPS concepts & their applications, #Java adoption & demand trends, #Java-based frameworks, spring framework & its strength, etc. It […]
  • Volleyball Tournament 2017

    NetWeb Volleyball Tournament organized recently for the employees was a blockbuster with great participation and enthusiasm by the employees. The tournament concluded after some great performing matches between 4 teams. The team led by Hemang Choksi won the final match. Despite the hot sunny mornings, the tournament was filled with excitement, fun and enjoyed by […]