Dairy Management Plant Automation Solution

The customer manufactures and supplies the highest quality milking systems and dairy farm equipment including milking parlours, herd & dairy management systems, milk cooling systems, dairy hygiene chemicals, udder healthcare products, hoof care products and dairy supplies and dairy equipment spare parts.

These dairy equipments and milking practices are being managed through a high performance Dairy Management Plant Automation Solution.

The prime features of Dairy Management Plant Automation Solution are as follows:

    • Uses HeatSeeker II technology – the dairy industry’s most advanced ISO-RFID activity monitoring technology to help identify when a cow is ready to breed.
    • Generates reports related to pulsation, meters and detachers. So evaluation of cows, milk production and employee efficiency can be done smoothly.
    • Collects, delivers and manages critical performance data safely and reliably while providing operational control and monitoring of the dairy enterprise for quick access of status and other information.
    • Manages pulsation, meters and detachers for the Dairy Plant.
    • Controls crowd gates, stall operation and all entrance, exit and sort gates.

Technology: Java, Apache BIRT and PostGreSQL