Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Enterprise Asset Management Solution provides management capabilities for physical control of assets, life cycle management of assets and financial accounting. The primary application features are following:

    • Manage lease agreements and schedule for leased assets.
    • Keep track of critical dates for timely return of equipment and avoid penalties.
    • Keep track of maintenance, software, tax, freight and other soft costs that are financed, together with hard cost of an asset.
    • Timely maintenance renewals.
    • Keep track of all details of assets, including original configuration and changes to leased assets and their components.
    • Calculate rent on leased assets.
    • Keep track of different kinds of software licenses. Associate and assign software licenses with hardware asset
    • Calculate depreciation on assets and keep track of retired assets for deposal or remarketing.
    • Search assets quickly using different attributes of assets.
    • Bulk import/export of assets across other applications.
    • Search assets quickly using different attributes of assets.

Technology: PowerBuilder 11.x, Oracle 11g, J2EE, Sybase EAServer 6.x, Microsoft .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET) 2010, Entity Framework 4.0, AJAX, JQuery, Logi Analytics