Glimpses of our 25th Anniversary Celebration

The week-long celebration at the office with themed days, games, creative dressing, impromptu dances, and decorations built the perfect energy for the day-long Grand Finale on Saturday 06/03.

29th May “Twen Tea Five Year” – In a heartwarming gesture of appreciation, all NetWebians came together to express their gratitude to the administrative support team by serving them tea and presenting them with a heartfelt surprise. Each gift was accompanied by a personal handwritten message, acknowledging the team’s invaluable contributions and the positive impact they have on the workplace.

30th May “Shake a Leg” – NetWebians embraced the spirit of celebration as they marked the special day with a Bollywood Retro theme dress code. Throughout the day, the office resonated with music, laughter, and infectious energy as employees joyfully danced to the tunes of classic Bollywood hits. The enthusiasm was contagious, spreading smiles and creating a memorable day filled with camaraderie and a shared love for Bollywood’s timeless charm.

31st May “Light up Your Space” – NetWebians came together to celebrate a day dedicated to celebrating innovation and excellence, with a mix-match dress code that reflected their individuality and creativity. The office ambiance was elevated to new heights as the entire workspace was centered around the theme of “Celebrating Innovation & Excellence – Inspiring the Future.”

1st June “Playful Pursuit” – NetWebians immersed themselves in a day of lighthearted fun and camaraderie with a Group Day theme. One of the highlights of the day was the popular game “Beg Borrow Steal,” where participants enthusiastically competed in a friendly and thrilling quest to acquire items through creative means. Laughter and friendly banter filled the air as teams strategized, negotiated, and showcased their resourcefulness in this exciting challenge. The game brought out the playful and competitive spirit of the employees, creating an atmosphere of shared joy and excitement.

2nd June “Honey Money” – NetWebians embraced a day of unity and visual vibrancy by donning attire inspired by the NetWeb logo’s colors, infusing the office with a lively and cohesive atmosphere. The day was further elevated with a thrilling game of Housie, adding an element of excitement and friendly competition to the festivities. Laughter and anticipation filled the air as colleagues eagerly marked off numbers and eagerly awaited their chance to shout “Housie!”

3rd June “The Grand Finale Morning” – NetWebians brought together all our team members with some renowned professional speakers and coaches conducting inspirational sessions on fostering happiness and an attitude for gratitude and preparing a mindset to win as we continue our journey. Heart-warming messages from our dear clients made everyone’s day.

3rd June “The Evening Party” – NetWebians along with our families, had power-packed performances by adorable budding stars, children of our team members, some thrilling performances by our team members, and some crazy and epic dancing by everyone on the dance floor.

The fun, the energy, the memories, and these moments will remain in everyone’s hearts forever.

Here’s a glimpse of what went down…