Grom Social Enterprises Partners With NetWeb Software, Inc. A Global Award-Winning Software Development Company

Grom, an innovative leader and pioneer in providing original social media content to children between the ages of 5 and 16,; today is pleased to announce that it has entered into a software development agreement with NetWeb Software Inc. (“NetWeb”), a software company which supplies innovative solutions and services to businesses across the globe. Based in the United States, United Kingdom and India, we believe NetWeb can help accelerate the growth and functionality of the Company’s,, and websites, and integrate the Company’s exclusive content over several platforms.

Darren Marks, Chairman and CEO, of Grom stated,” We are fortunate to partner with a firm of the caliber and reputation of NetWeb. We believe our collaboration with NetWeb should provide the Company with access to high quality engineers, which we plan to utilize to improve the Company’s software development. The NetWeb team, coupled with our in-house development staff, plans to leverage the Company’s technology and data analytics, improve our speed to market, maximize our resources and help to drive measurable results, by optimizing our user base. We have worked diligently to grow our user databases over the last few years, and we believe this collaboration will be the foundation of our future ability to monetize this growth. Further, we believe our collaborating with NetWeb, we help to mitigate the costs associated with developing state of the art and user-friendly software.’

Maulik Bhansali, CEO of NetWeb stated, “We are very excited to partner with Grom. Grom is a pioneer in the space of social media for children. We plan to utilize our highest quality of technology and software engineering practice experience to build innovative, cutting edge safe solution and mobile apps for Grom. We are fully aligned towards Grom’s business objective of providing a safe, interesting and educative social media platform for children. We are indeed honored to partner with Grom.”

About Grom Social Enterprises, Inc.

Grom Social Enterprises, Inc. owns five separate subsidiaries, including Grom Social, a safe social media platform for children between the ages of five and 16. Since its beginnings in 2012, Grom Social has attracted children and parents with the promise of a safe and secure environment, where their children can be entertained and interact with their peers while learning good digital citizenship. The Company also owns and operates Top Draw Animation, Inc., an award-winning animation company which produces animated content for Grom Social and other high-profile media properties such as Tom and Jerry, My Little Pony and Disney Animation’s Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero. In addition, Grom Educational Services provides web filtering services for up to an additional two million children across 3,700 schools, and Grom Nutritional Services is in the process of creating a line of healthy nutritional supplements for children. For more information please visit Grom’s website at

About NetWeb Software Inc. (“NetWeb”)

NetWeb provides business software solutions, professional services and innovative products to customers, including Fortune 500 enterprises and large technology giants across the globe in the areas of supply-chain, enterprise mobility, finance, eProcurement, healthcare, content management, eCommerce and web portals. NetWeb also offers specialized services including IT infrastructure management, IT enabled services and quality assurance services for their clients

NetWeb’s forte is a blend of product development and IT service capabilities that enables NetWeb to provide reliability, quality and innovation.The Company chose to partner with NetWeb due to their pool of software professionals, their management team, offshore location, cost-effectiveness, an ISO-9001 certified quality management system and over twenty years of performance. NetWeb’s quality management system is certified by ISO-9000 to cover the entire spectrum of their services; and their quality management system which has been built upon well defined, proven standard operating procedures that ensure consistent and escalating quality standards.

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