Health & Ergonomics Session

The past 8 months of the pandemic has been incredibly challenging for everyone. It has caused lot of additional stress, physically and mentally, to everyone. It is therefore more important to take extra care of both physical and mental health during these times. Simple tips, tricks and basic understanding of ergonomics while working from home can be of immense help. With this objective NetWeb organized a virtual training and orientation session for its team by inviting Dr. Chaitali Shah, Professor at Parul University to provide insights, tips and basic exercises to remain fit while working from home. Dr. Chaitali Shah provide valuable information about stress relaxation, pain relief, simple exercises for neck, back and all the important “Do’s and Don’ts”. It was a very useful session appreciated by all the team members. We thank Dr. Chaitali Shah for providing this important orientation to all.The session was held on 09-Oct-2020 which also coincided with the celebration of the World Mental Health Day on 10-Oct-2020.