Human Capabilities Analyzer

Tool provides insightful responses to prompts and offers a comprehensive analysis of human capabilities data. Here are the key features of the Human Capabilities Analyzer:

  • Skills Analysis: The Human Capabilities Analyzer performs a comprehensive analysis of skills present in the dataset and help to answer the most in-demand skills in organization or Which employees possess specific skills? It can provide responses that highlight sought-after skills and identify employees with specific skill sets.
  • Performance Evaluation: The tool can analyze performance data and generates responses that highlight the top performers.
  • Training and Development Recommendations: The tool offers analysis related to training and development needs. It can identify Which employees require additional training in specific areas? or can Suggest training programs based on employee skills and qualifications. The Human Capabilities Analyzer generates responses that identify skill gaps and recommend tailored training programs.
  • Succession Planning: This tool can identify potential successors for key positions by analyzing employee data to identify individuals with the potential to fill critical roles in the future. This feature assists HR professionals in developing effective succession plans and ensuring a smooth transition of responsibilities.

Technology: Python, Natural Language Processing, text-davinci-003, large language models (LLMs)