Human Posture Detection

Imagine the challenge of accurately tracking and monitoring patient movements, exercises, postures of your customers or for patients, especially in a remote setting. Traditional methods often fall short in providing real-time insights and personalized guidance. Physical therapists or fitness instructors can’t provide constant monitoring and feedback, leading to incorrect form, decreased motivation, and potential injuries.

Our solution utilizes sophisticated computer vision algorithms and machine learning models to accurately track and analyze human body poses in real-time. Imagine a camera system that can detect and track 33 key skeletal points on your body, including your face, hands, and feet. System can not only recognize a full-body skeletal but can also help create critique/suggestions to correct the body poses while doing exercise.

This mobile app is designed to track human postures and overall remote monitoring the field of Physical Therapy, Gym, or Yoga instructors:

  • Patient can record their exercise and AI that Responds to Your Movement. If your posture or movement is not correct, then AI assistant will guide you while your camera is ON.
  • Virtual Assistant that suggests you Exercise Routines: You can interact with mobile app based virtual assistant and after interacting with you it will suggest you right exercise routines.
  • PT or your instructor will track Patient Progress Remotely
  • Track and Improve Patient Outcomes via Data Driven Coaching
  • Real-Time Verbal and Visual Feedback using AI
  • Scheduler for Virtual and In-Person Appointments
  • Track Patient Adherence

Technology: Natural Language Processing, LLMs, Computer Vision