Legacy Solution Modernization – Application Refactor

A large enterprise financial security application was migrated to AWS.
  • Solution
    • A large enterprise financial security application.  All services under DevOPs are migrated to AWS. This includes
    • The EC2 instances startup by AMI and deployment via Jenkins Job.
    • Migration to Aurora DB in AWS. Usage of Amazon Correto JDK.
    • Migration to AWS Microservices
  • AWS Deployment Type
    • Blue/Green deployment with CodeDeploy
  • AWS Services Used
    • EC2 – Used for Application Deployment of all instances
    • S3 bucket – Storage of log files and any other file processing required by the application.
    • RDS – Managing DB instances
    • Lambda – Create required services e.g., Lambda to extract name and messages from CloudWatch logs.
    • API Gateway – Managing API calls both internal external.
    • Route 53 – Domain mapping of all instances Dev, QA, Stage
    • CloudWatch – Monitoring of Application
    • AWS Autoscaling – We have multiple instances, so to auto scale the instances without impacting performance.
    • Certificate Manager – Managing SSL, TLS certificates required for third party communication.
    • Cloud Trail – Enabled to watch any unusual user activity by recording the API calls made on the account.