NetWeb announces their new rebranded logo

NetWeb consistently delivers value, solves complex business challenges, and remains driven by a purpose for the past two decades. NetWeb released a new edit of their logo that echoes this purpose and commitment.

From fintech solutions that impact millions of consumers, Emergency Medical Services and other healthcare solutions that add value to human lives to other innovative solutions across industry verticals, NetWeb has been building technology solutions that make a positive difference.

“NetWeb has been delivered inspired technology for decades.” Dipti Shukla, President NetWeb Software said. “We continue to remain committed and excited to continue to create Inspired Tech”, she added as she revealed the tagline ‘Inspired Tech’ that became part of the company’s rebranded logo.

The new tagline reinforces NetWeb’s commitment to accelerate technology transformations for clients build products that they love by leveraging the best of technology.

Inspired Tech, that’s NetWeb!