NetWeb Premier League 22-23: Play ->Fun ->Win

The NetWeb Premier League (NPL) 2022-23 ended on a high note with an exhilarating final match on 7th Jan 2023.

This season of the NPL showed tremendous enthusiasm with record participation by all team members. Four teams (Challengers, Warriors, Titans & Wanderers) locked horns to play some amazing matches with nail-biting moments and superb displays of performances by the participants.

The team NetWeb Warriors won the tournament in the finals against their match with Challengers.

The tournament helped in discovering the rockstars of Cricket at NetWeb who excelled in either Batting, Bowling, Fielding and were recognised as the best within these categories. The most consistent and best player was awarded the Player of the tournament.

The matches were made more entertaining by some superb commentary filled with humour and jokes that made everyone split into laughter even while intense matches were being played.

Spanning over two weekends and several practice matches, this edition of Tournament was amongst the best of the NPL seasons at NetWeb. The fun and the passion to play attracted several of our team members to travel from distant cities to participate in the tournament. Family members joined the fun to watch the matches and cheer the participants.

The team work, sportsmanship, energy and enthusiasm was amazing The NPL tournament was a great example of how the NetWeb family always get together for very well-organized, highly entertaining events that are enjoyed by everyone including participants and audiences. Kudos to all the participants, the organization team and everyone who helped in making this sports event a super success.

The winners of NPL 22-23 are as follows:

  • Winning Team: NetWeb Warriors (Captain Chandresh Sharma)
  • Runner’s Up Team: NetWeb Challengers (Captain Nishant Shah)
  • Man of the final match: Lalu Rathod
  • Player of the tournament : Nishant Shah
  • Best Batter of the tournament : Nishant Shah
  • Best Bowler of the tournament : Pratik Chauhan
  • Best Fielder of the tournament : Saurabh Shah
  • Special Award for an entertaining commentary: Sanket Shah