NetWeb’s Response to COVID-19 – Employee Safety & Business Continuity

The entire world has witnessed some very challenging and disruptive times over the past several months due to Covid-19 pandemic.  All countries are collectively working to fight this pandemic, and this has required some extraordinary measures to be taken by the government and its citizens.

At the onset, we would like to thank all our customers, partners, industry colleagues, all our employees, and their families for the tremendous cooperation and support.

During these challenging times, NetWeb remains committed to the safety of our employees and ensuring complete continuity of business, without any disruptions to support our clients and partners across the globe.

Even before an official lockdown was enforced in late March, we had proactively prepared and enabled Working From Home for our employees.  Beginning early March, we had already put in measures and issued advisory to our employees within office after consulting with Medical Practitioners and local authorities.  Travel restrictions, internal social distancing, santization etc was put into place even while there was no case of Covid-19 in the city of our operations.  This helped us in ensuring that our employees remained safe and continue to remain productive from the safety of their homes.

Our team put together additional measures for project monitoring and control as all the employees started working from home.  Security practices and measures were already in place and all employees are equipped with secure systems/devices and the required secure connectivity and communication tools.  Advisories from national & local authorities, health organizations are continuously reviewed and implemented.

Throughout the past several months of pandemic, we have been available to all our clients, partners to continue all ongoing engagements and assist in any critical and immediate requirements.

The pandemic has not ended yet as the world tries to “unlock” and establish a new normal.  We are determined to remain committed to our employee’s safety and continue to provide our services to clients without any disruption.  We will continue to work from home and review the situation on a month-to-month basis to make a decision on resuming working from the office.  While we work from home, our offices are ready to resume, with all sanitization and social distancing procedures already put in place.

The entire NetWeb family remains enthusiastic, passionate and productive during these challenging times.  It was humbling and gratifying to see the collective contribution of our team towards helping the community fight this pandemic.  Nothing can stop us!

We thank everyone again for their support and cooperation that has enabled us to provide continued, uninterrupted services from the safety of our homes.

Take care! Stay Safe!