Non-Invasive Oxygen Measurement Application

The software is used to make oxygen measurements in the field, as well as in the lab. This software enables the user to perform all oxygen measurement and monitoring functions, in both gas and liquid. This software offers accurate and timely oxygen transmission rate (OTR) testing for films, bottles and finished packages.

The primary application features are following:

    • Capture Oxygen measurement.
    • Capture Temperature and Pressure.
    • Capture Oxygen based on time interval.
    • Performance diagnostic for the device.
    • Oxygen transmission rate (OTR) testing for Film and Package Permeation.
    • Portable and Lab Mode for different environment.
    • Keep track of Oxygen measured history by reports.
    • Keep track of OTR for Film and Package Permeation by reports.
    • Display Graph for the captured Oxygen Measurements.
    • Creating and printing the Barcode for the Test Created

Technology: Microsoft .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET) 2003, 2005, Microsoft Access