Predictive Gaming Engine

Predictive Gaming Engine (PGE) enables creating and managing online prediction games and tournaments for sports. It can be used by various sports portals to integrate and host sport-based prediction games on their individual sites. PGE generates widgets which are branded as per hosting site pages.

The features of PGE are:

    • Advanced back-end tool for creating and customizing the predictive gaming widgets.
    • Ability to create widgets with different sizes according to hosting site designs.
    • Ability to create widgets for various games and game formats like One-day cricket, T20 cricket, League Soccer etc.
    • Single sign-on integration with hosting sites for secured access to widgets.
    • Real time score generator to keep the players up to date on scores and top scorers.
    • Ability to maintain friends list and forwarding scores and new game details to friends.

Technology: Microsoft .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET), MS SQL Server 2000