Robot Management Application for Dairies

The Robot Management Software manages the milking process of the robot(s). The application enables remote management from a web application interface.

The application features are:

    • Milking the Cow and performing the Milk Separation.
    • Manage alarm of conductivity per teat, milkflow per teat and blood/clutch measurement per teat.
    • Keep track of Milk Measurement based on per milking, daily, weekly and per Robot.
    • Attachment setting for Teats for milking.
    • Different type of feed setting for Cows in and out of Milk Box.
    • Calibration Setting for Feeding.
    • Illness and Treatment Setup and report.
    • Controlling and maintaining Vacuum Pump, Hydraulic System and cooling tank.
    • Keep track of Performance Machines (Pulsators, Vacuum pump, Hydraulic System and Vacuum level) history by reports.
    • Cleaning Setup and its different settings.
    • Spraying Setup and its different settings.
    • Keep track of operation (Milking, feeding, etc.) history by reports.

Technology: Microsoft .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET) 2010, My SQL 5.0