How SAP Hybris Boosts Customer Engagement On A Digital Platform?

With the proliferation of the digital platform, businesses all over the world now have countless ways to ensure customer engagement. They can make use of emails, call centers, mobile apps, social media, and much more apart from the traditional indoor and outdoor advertisement. Believe or not, but customer engagement has a huge potential to grow a business as it is more expensive to attract a new buyer than an existing customer to a business.

At present, there are several innovative software products to ensure the right kind of customer engagement and SAP Hybris is one such product. SAP Hybris provides eCommerce, CRM, CMS, and Billing software solutions for online B2B and B2C businesses. It boosts customer engagement on a digital platform in several ways. Moreover, it facilitates context-driven marketing tools, customer data management, and unified commerce processes for all your channels. So let us have an understanding of how SAP Hybris does the same.


SAP Hybris B2C Commerce Application:

This application of SAP Hybris offers a complete solution that delivers an outstanding experience to the customers across all channels in a hassle-free manner. It offers the following features for B2C businesses:

  • Easy and advanced content management – It offers the web content management solutions that enable sellers to build and manage website rapidly without making any extra effort. Today, when having relevant content optimized as per the interests of customers is an absolute necessity to engage customers, ability to modify web pages quickly makes a great sense. Moreover, this allows sellers to provide targeted, i.e. tailor-made content and promotional offers to engage their customers.
  • Responsive websites – Today, customers desire to have an easy access to a business from anywhere and having a responsive website mean they can access it via laptop, mobile phones, and more from any place, any time. After all, a whopping number of internet users now have various types of mobile devices to access the web while on a go.
  • Support multiple currency and languages – Customers feel more encouraged to make any purchase when a website showcase its products or services in a language familiar to them. Making them enable to pay in their own currency is practiced widely to make a website more favorable for worldwide customers.
  • Quick search and navigation – According to the recent report, 50% visitors make use of the navigation menu to navigate the website immediately after visiting the same via any referral. The SAP Hybris application adds the best functionality to the websites so that customers can easily have a view of the products that they are searching on the website within a few seconds.
  • Social media insights – Helps entrepreneurs to integrate the online community to get social media insights and have emotional ties with the customers via SAP Jam Communities cloud solution that seamlessly integrates with the application. With 82% of B2C marketers using Twitter, 77% using YouTube, 76% using LinkedIn, and an approximate 66% using Facebook, gaining social media insights seem relevant for successful customer engagement. All big brands are already making the best use of social media insights.
  • Integration of external selling channels – It links the website storefront with multiple external selling channels like Amazon or eBay to have a wider reach of its products. In short, this facilitates more customers to have a view of the products, purchase and write reviews that ensure a high level of customer engagement.
  • Adoption of call center – It helps the sellers to get leads and engage their target customers via skilled call center agents who are efficient in doing the same to boost sales and ensure complete customer satisfaction. If customers are satisfied, they are more likely to get engaged in a business.
SAP Hybris B2B Commerce Application:

This application of SAP Hybris helps the sellers to meet the evolving needs of their customers like never before that ultimately leads to more user engagement and a boost in sales. This B2B Commerce application offers the following traits in addition to working on the same lines as that of a B2C Commerce application:

  • Intuitive account management – It enables the sellers to give a varied degree of account access to different people in the business i.e. employees, customers, administrator, managers, and much more. They can even offer customized prices for distinct customers that help in successful customer engagement. According to some statistics, an approximate 60% customer feels more inclined to a company website if it has custom content.
  • Integration with ERP system – It integrates the website with a back end system like the very popular ERP system. It enables the synchronous order management and directly communicates the order management of ERP system. Moreover, it facilitates customers in retrieving real-time stock information, pricing (which allows complex pricing scenarios), and order tracking.
  • Self-service for customers – It led to a significant reduction in the administrative overhead. It makes customers happy, as they do not have to reach out to someone to get their desired information. The application will enable a present customer to have a view of his or her order history, customized online catalog or almost anything within a few clicks after visiting the business website.