Sentiment Analysis and Prediction Tool

In large organization, different groups, teams and customers communicates daily through multiple channels. It is difficult to get the sense of overall situation based on these communications. NetWeb has developed a system which monitors and provides insights from these communications. This application processes these communications using natural language processing techniques to identify the group, services, categories and also performs sentiment analysis from these communications. This application uses these communications to train sentiment analysis model and continuously utilizes these communications to provide sentiment analysis of customers or employees. This application enables management to have insight of actual situation based on everyday communication. Application has built in capability to predict future risks / escalations. With detailed sentiment analysis, prediction of future risks, identification of strong areas and suggestive mechanism, this application enables management to take timely decision and leverage from strong areas. This application provides intuitive user interface to these details and define related actions.

Technology: Python with Natural Language Tool Kit, 3 layer neural network (Embedding, LSTM, Dense) for sentiment analysis, Flask, MongoDB, Angular.