SenzIt (Sentiment Analysis)

SenzIt is a Sentiment Analysis & Prediction tool leveraging Artificial Intelligence for superior sentiment detection and prediction. It can be utilized by practically any business for enhancing customer, product, service, employee, or brand experience. For any large organizations, management can understand the sentiment of their employees, customers by reading/processing their emails. Any organization can discover Real Time Sentiments of their products, employees, brand, or your service. We have enabled 360° view of sentiments not limited to social media only.

The management will be updated with potential changes to sentiment trends, allowing pre-emptive actions to correct negative sentiments or boost positive sentiments.

Machine learning algorithms will train your data continuously to leverage the benefits of real time and predictive sentiment analysis.

Technology: Python, AngularJS(UI), Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning for sentiment analysis, Time Series Forecasting, Machine Learning(For Classification), Tensorflow, Keras