Supply Chain & Vendor Enablement

If eProcurement users can’t find what they need – because the data can’t be found when descriptions are bad or incomplete – the user makes an off-catalog buy at a higher price for something that was or should have been available at a preferred price. This creates lost revenue in form of higher costs. Thus, product content has to be managed effectively to avail the benefits of efficient eProcurement.

The Content Management Portal has two modules – supplier enablement and online sourcing.

  • Supplier Enablement: Provides interface for rapidly on-boarding catalog contents. Suppliers can control product information to ensure real-time quality content, including price and product uniqueness for high returns.

    • Product management functionality helps to maintain the product detail includes location pricing, tiered pricing, future pricing, Service template, Kits etc.
    • Product approval process to manage the product and publish on Catalog+ for shoppers for corporate and contract compliance.
    • Web based utility allow uploading multiple product details together with classification.
    • Index engine crawls product information from supplier site.
    • Various notifications.
    • Dashboard and Reports.
    • Security Management.
  • Online Sourcing: Presents all suppliers product information for the shoppers including indexed product from supplier sites.

    • Product listing with classification.
    • Various rules on Product for Location Pricing, Tiered Pricing, Future Pricing and Minimum Order Quantity on Products.
    • Provides advanced search options with narrowing a search by product features.
    • Compare products for pricing and features for better shopping experience.
    • Manage favorite list for set of products.
    • Integrate with other supplier catalogs for seamless shopping experience.

Technology: Microsoft .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET) 2010, AJAX, JQuery, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft SSIS, Microsoft SSRS, WCF, nHibernate