Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System provides facility of continuous monitoring of the vehicles tracking using GPS device installed in client vehicle. Client can access the application and can monitor their vehicles. The primary application features are following:

    • Continuous monitoring of vehicle Speed, Route tracking and provides Location Name.
    • Monitoring of vehicle track on Google map. Track previous history of Vehicle route in Google map for any date and time.
    • User Management (Admin/Client).
    • SMS Alert Management.
    • Keeps track on vehicle assigned to driver.
    • Search Functionality within Google Map to track route, speed and location of any vehicle.
    • Create Hotspot for any area and get SMS Alert when a vehicle enter/ leaves any hotspot area.
    • Maintains Driver information, Vehicle Information and track Fuel level Information.
    • SMS Alert to Driver of the vehicle.
    • Send SMS Alert for over speed of vehicle.
    • Statistical Reports to track records of vehicles.

Technology: PHP, Mysql, AJAX, Google Map, GPS Navigation