Voice Bot – Conversational AI (Speech to Text)

Voice bot, as the name suggests is a virtual ‘Bot’ or computer program that conducts a voice conversation. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), these Bots are designed to simulate human conversational patterns. Voice bot can be an integral part of almost every customer-centric function. They are popularly used to assist any customer by conversationally guiding customers to meet some of their needs.

The primary application features are following:

  • The user interface contains a button for microphone after clicking which, users can start giving their inputs in form of speech using an external microphone
  • The speech is then processed with the help of speech to text library and recognizes the audio and returns voice answers.
  • Voice bot can respond in various accents offered by Google speech recognition library.

Technology: Natural Language Processing, Google Speech to Text, Speech Recognition, Playsound