Wellness Week – Celebrating Health & Wellbeing

Being healthy is state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirt.  While physical exercise remains very important in remaining healthy, it is a holistic approach of being physically and mentally fit and how to align your lifestyle and habits towards improving wellness and wellbeing.

To encourage each other towards better health and wellness, we got together to celebrate Wellness Week. Like all other initiatives, the team got together to conceptualize, plan and execute the this with an objective of covering important aspects like nutrition, wellness, exercises and mental well-being.

Each day during the Wellness week had a specific theme, from Yoga, Meditation, Healthy Recipes, Homemade Remedies to some grooving Aerobics.

The Wellness Week ended with an energetic Aerobic session by Dr. Bhoomi Palan Thacker who visited our office to give insights about importance of ergonomics and got the team groove to some high-energy session of Aerobics.  The Aerobic session was attended in both online and offline mode by our team and family members.

Good work team and keep it up.  Let us all keep up our health quotient!