Manufacturing, Maintenance & Automation

NetWeb has built, enhanced, customized, validated and supported multiple versions of three different MRP and ERP products that are deployed on a wide variety of technology platforms. More than 600 business enterprises worldwide use these products in a variety of industrial segments.

Major development projects included functionality in almost all areas of the ERP product including Forecasting, Budgets, Scheduling, Manufacturing, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounts, General Ledger, Service etc. and the development of localizations for seven European countries. Other projects have included the design and development of integration interfaces with applications such as SAP Financials, Oracle Financials etc.

NetWeb has executed custom development assignments for their ERP and manufacturing solutios to satisfy unique requirements for over sixty companies worldwide.

In addition to ERP solutions, NetWeb has delivered production process management systems, plant automation and maintenance solutions, maintenance management solution and other critical solutions that help Enterprises efficiently manage and monitor their manufacturing and production processes.