Product Sustenance & Technical Support

Product maintenance & sustenance is a very critical phase for any product company. It is during this phase when an enterprise has to focus on customer generation, customer retention & product expansion processes. An enterprise’s ability to successfully manage these three processes is critical for success.

Customer support remains the most critical parameter for customer retention and efficient software product maintenance is the most critical aspect for customer support. Good product maintenance requires:

  • Effective resolution of discovered problems
  • Efficient distribution of resolutions to customers
  • Ease of maintenance of product versions
  • Enhancements to the product based on the roadmap


Product Maintenance becomes especially challenging for legacy products built on legacy technologies.

For contemporary products, the product lifecycle has become shorter over the years due to advancements and the demand for fresh releases in shorter intervals with feature enrichment and software upgrade.

A sound Product Sustenance and Technical Support expertise is a key to sustain products in an efficient way.

NetWeb provides comprehensive Sustenance and Support services to support all types of products, from legacy to contemporary, from old technologies to the emerging.

As your partner, NetWeb assumes complete ownership and responsibility of your products allowing you to focus on innovation, customer acquisition and new products. The advantages are clear:

  • Mature processes
  • Best Practices
  • Contemporary Tools
  • Easily scalable team
  • Expanded and Sustained Knowledgebase

NetWeb has provided product maintenance services for supporting various products – like ERP, eBusiness, Healthcare etc. We provide Level 1 and Level 2 support services for our customers. We manage entire technical support process – from help desk, change control, issue resolutions and release engineering. We help evolve the right innovative solutions that deliver engineering excellence and operational efficiency, ensuring you stay ahead of competition.