Product Development


Technology is no longer simply an enabler for business efficiency. It is helping companies define their success and growth strategy. We help enterprises build contemporary, robust & secure solutions that are tailored to fulfill their business requirements. For enterprises whose core business focus is software products, we provide strong product development expertise to build market-ready products for them.

We combine our strong multi-industry solution experience with our deep technology expertise to deliver solutions that solve challenging business objectives.

Two decades of experience has helped us create a very strong offshore-centric capability with proven processes and methodologies and serve clients across the globe.

NetWeb CREDO™ is a well-developed and highly structured methodology to execute assignments quickly and effectively. In practice, CREDO™ is an implementation of international best practices combined with our ISO certified processes that ensures predictability, repeatability and reproducibility at every stage of the design-to-delivery process.

All development is executed using the best suited methodology; Agile, Hybrid Agile, Conventional; the choice of which is based on the solution and client requirements.

We leverage the best of mainstream and emerging technologies to build adaptable, high quality, reliable, secure, and easy to deploy solutions and products on the Web, Mobile and Cloud.

Our solutions and product development portfolio offers a complete end-to-end capability:

  • Software Product Development – Tailored Solutions and Concept-to-Reality Products
  • Complete Product Lifecycle Management
  • Enterprise Application Integration Solutions
  • Business Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting Solutions
  • Technology Migration